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Surfing requires additional energy!

A diet is required to provide the body with the correct amounts of nutrients and energy. The amount of energy required by the body depends upon a number of factors. These factors are the body , the degree of , and the rate of of the body. The energy used when the body is resting is called the Metabolic Rate (BMR). This energy is needed to keep the heart , the lungs working, and to keep the of the body constant. Energy is also needed for the reactions that are needed in the body.

Athletes often need to change the ratio of the carbohydrates, and fat. The change of the ratio depends on the type of .

Athletes who take part in events, such as weightlifting, require greater amounts of protein. This is necessary in oder to help the growth and of muscles. The protein is broken down into acids during the process. The amino acids are then recombined to form protein.


Marathon Runners

A greater proportion of are required by athletes who take part in endurance events, such as cycling, swimming, and running. These carbohydrates are broken down and stored as in muscles and in the liver. As the endurance events proceeds the glucose is broken down in the process of to release energy for the athlete.